Circuit Protection Goes Gold

SMD Fuses and Fuseblock with Gold Plated Contacts     

SCHURTER announces its 5x20mm fuses and OGN series fuse block with gold-plated contacts. The contact between end-caps and clips provides low contact resistance and corrosion resistance, traits that are known to be highly desired for power protection in pro audio equipment. The fuse block plastic offers enhanced thermal characteristics according to IEC 60695-2-12 & 13. The gold-plated surface mount terminals provide improved solderabillity between the fuse block and printed circuit board.

The FST and SPT 5x20mm fuse series with time-lag characteristic are according to IEC 60127-2.  The FST has a low breaking capacity of 35-125A and current range of 50mA up to 20 Amps at 250 Volts AC.  The SPT current range is 1-16A and offers a high-breaking capacity of up to 1500 A at 250 VAC, thus allowing for safe interruption of a dangerous fault. The fuses can also be soldered directly onto the board in applications where space is limited.

SCHURTER also offers the ASO 10.3x38 PV fuse to fit the new CSO fuse clip. The fuse clip also supports other fuses with a 10.3 mm diameter of any length. This includes, for instance, 10.3x85 mm fuses for higher voltages.

    Audio Grade Gold Plated Products:

  - 6061-G IEC C14 Inlet
  - 0102-G Rewireable Cord Connector
  - Audio and Signal Jacks & Probes
  - SMD-FST, SMD-SPT SMD 5x20 mm fuses
  - OGN-SMD Fuseblock

    Popular SCHURTER products used in audio applications:

  -V-Lock Cord Sets
  -V-Lock Connectors and Power Entry Modules without filter, with filter
  -4300.0603 Rewireable Cord Connector

    Full Range SCHURTER Products:



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